Genki HomeCare caregiver and senior in wheelchairWhat is Home Care?

Home care can be generally categorized into two types:

  • Home care exercised by the licensed medical professionals
  • Non-medical home care, which includes personal care, companionship care provided by professional caregivers.

Genki HomeCare provides non-medical home care services.

Please contact Genki HomeCare when you need care for:

  • Cooking, house cleaning, laundry, and other house keeping
  • Grooming, changing clothes, and bathing assist
  • Walking, shopping, and going to the hospital
  • Non-disruptive nighttime care at home or at the hospital
  • Personal care while in the hospital, and help during admission and discharge
  • Cooking and laundry for the family
  • Helping with computers and writing letters
  • Typing letters and documents, and various secretarial work
  • Attending and supporting family and relatives during memorials and ceremonies
  • Going outdoors
  • Moving light furniture within a room

If you have other needs, please let us know. Genki HomeCare provides home care services with sincerity and passion by closely listening and providing what our clients need. We respect each of our clients and devote ourselves in supporting them. We listen closely to the wishes of family members so that the client receives the best care possible. Service area: San Diego County and North County in California


Starting with Genki HomeCare is easy

Get More Information

Please feel free to call us for more information or inquire from Contact Us. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM excluding holidays *We provide services for 24 hours/day throughout the year.

Schedule an At-Home Visit

Our coordinator will visit you at home to learn about your needs, daily routines, favorite activities, and hobbies, and answer any of your questions.

Matching You Up with a Qualified Caregiver

Each client’s needs are different, and we understand that. Our coordinator will handpick the best suited caregiver for you and if things don’t work out, will provide you with other options. We will work hard to meet your every expection.

Starting the Service and Follow up

Our coordinator will be frequently in touch with you and your caregiver. Please give any and all feedback so that we can provide you with the best service possible.


Care Service

Personal Care Services

  • Assist with Household Tasks, for example
    • Help with laundry and ironing
    • Take out garbage
    • Make beds
    • Change linens
    • Dust furniture
    • Organize and clean closets
  • Plan, Prepare and Clean-up Meals, for example
    • Shop for groceries and supplies
    • Prepare future meals
  • Help with Errands, for example
    • Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
    • Pick up prescriptions
    • Buy magazines, papers and books
  • Assist with Pet Care
  • Door-to-Door Driving Services, for example
    • Visit neighbors and friends
    • Escort to appointments
    • Accompany to lunch or dinner
    • Escort for shopping and errands
    • Attend plays and concerts
    • Escort to religious services
    • Attend club meetings and sporting events
  • Aid with Airport Tasks
  • Assist with Eating, Bathing, Toileting, and Dressing
  • Managing Finances
  • Care for Houseplants
  • Home Safety Check

Companionship Care Services

  • Offer Companionship and Conversation, for example
    • Participate in crafts
    • Play games and cards
    • Aid with reading
    • Record family history
    • Watch movies together
    • Assist with entertaining
  • Maintain Calendar, for example
    • Arrange appointments
    • Provide reminders for appointments
  • Monitor Diet and Eating, for example
    • Prepare grocery lists
    • Clip coupons for shopping
    • Check food expirations
    • Record and arrange recipes
  • Provide Medication Reminders and Monitoring
  • Assist with Personal Tasks, for example
    • Aid with morning and wake-up
    • Help with clothing selection
    • Assist with evening and tuck-in
  • Assist with Walking
  • Help with Hobbies
  • Assist with tasks such as:
    • Sorting mail- Junk vs. Important mail
    • Responding to/write letters & correspondence
    • Providing help with technical questions/problems